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How to Remember the Beginning Position of Chess Pieces.

How to Remember the Beginning Position of Chess Pieces.

Dec 9, 2017, 8:07 PM 0

We've all been confused when setting up chess pieces on the board. I remember always asking myself, "Does the King go on the E file or the D File?" "Do the bishops go next to the king and queen, or do the knights?" Because I always had problems remembering, I came up with a way to never forget. And now I would like to share my trick with you.

1. The Pawns 

These are probably the easiest to remember. The pawns are the brave soldiers on the front-line. They always go ahead of everyone else. Thus, they go on the 2nd rank for white and 7th rank for black. 


2. The Rooks

The rooks look like towers (that's why they were once called that). And towers were always situated on the outermost part of a castle or city. Thus, they go on the edges of the board - A and H files. 



3. The Knights

The knights are warriors and they were hired to protect everyone else in the castle. Therefore, they are the closest ones on the inside of the rooks - B and G files.



4. The Bishops

The bishops of the Church were often the wisest people living. They were so wise that kings and queens often sought their advice. Thus, they are set right next to the king and queen - C and F files - as they were commonly seen speaking with them.  



5. The King

The king was the leader of the entire army and of any royalty. Thus, he is situated in the middle. And to remember which center file, just say King slowly: "Keeeeng." It sure sounds like you're saying "e" in the middle doesn't it? So, the king goes on the E file. 


6. The Queen 

The queen was married to the king, and thus was the second in power. So, she is seated next to the king on the D file. If you still end up second guessing yourself, just remember "Dairy Queen" (a company). "Dairy" starts with a "D", so the queen goes on the D file. 


And that's how you remember the beginning position of all the chess pieces! Thank you for reading. Follow me to get more great articles!

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, 



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