Not Impressive but Still My First 12 Move Perfect Game!

Not Impressive but Still My First 12 Move Perfect Game!

Aug 17, 2017, 11:17 PM |
Ending position. White wins.

This is a breakdown of my first perfect game... well according to the computer's analysis on quick (I don't have a membership). According to the analysis, all 12 moves were the best moves.
It was a blitz game. I was rated at 906 (White) and my opponent was rated at 858 (Black - Sergey Mazurov). 

Opening: Four Knights Game: Scotch Variation Accepted, 5.Nxd4 Bc5 
I don't know how to annotate in the pgn, so I will annotate below for my white moves (although I'm Mexican and actually brownish).

1. e4 - Fischer's favorite first move that frees the bishop, queen, and establishes a presence in the center. 
2. Nf3 - Attacks e5 pawn and gains center control
3. Nc3 - Simple developing move, gaining control of the center... General rule: Develop "Knights before Bishops"
4. d4 - Fighting for the center
5. Nxd4 - No harm in taking a pawn back... no threats seen
6. Be3 - Defending the Knight and developing a piece... also x-raying the hanging bishop on c5
7. Nxc6 - Double attack on Queen and hanging bishop... gonna get one of them!
8. Bxc5 - Got the hanging bishop!
9. Qxd8+ - Always love taking the queen and getting rid of black's castling rights
10. O-O-O+ - Check the king while castling to gain a tempo 
11. Bc4 - Developing move that puts pressure on f7, which gains another tempo
12. Bxf8 - Take the hanging rook obviously

Black resigns after two blunders...

Thanks for reading! I like to keep these short and sweet because who has time to read long posts right?


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