Circumnavigation in Hypothetical Chess

Jul 10, 2015, 9:08 AM |

Note:  Please forgive the abnormal nature of this puzzle, as it stands I have no formal solution to it, yet I believe it may be possible through ingenuity, mathematics, and proficient chess skills.

Given the constraints of the standard chess game, with an additional provision allowing pawns to move diagonally forward one space without requiring a piece to be taken, what is the minimum number of turns required for each piece to move to the corresponding rival’s starting position, i.e. white queen to D8, black queen to D1, white king to E8, black king to E1, and so on, essentially flipping the board.  Pieces that have pairs and pawns do not necessarily have to be in there respected order and at no point can a piece be taken, the king be put in checkmate, or a pawn be promoted.