The wisdom in not getting too confident :-)))

Mar 9, 2008, 1:27 PM |
I thought i'd share a funny and true story i picked up a couple of years ago in a swedish chess magazine. It was an "in memorial" article about a chess enthusiast who had recently passed away. The article centred around all the good things this person did in both promoting chess and "running" the local chess club.
Towards the end of the article the question of how good a player he was arose. The article then states that he was an intermidiate player in his own club - not to good and not too bad either. And then the article relates a very funny incident that occured in a game where he played a superior opponent. The oppontent was so much better so he kind of pro-longed the game by not going for mate but instead pushing pawn after pawn towards promotion since he also knew that his opponent wouldn't resign (he never did). In addition when promoting his pawns he chose not the queen but Knights instead. The game ended in stalemate :-))) The article concluded - "it is very easy for a game to end in stalemate with FIVE (own) knights on the board...."