+10 -10

Nov 11, 2010, 3:39 PM |

Two games.  One I am proud of, one I am not.  One gained me 10 rating points, one lost me 10 rating points.  My rating remained the same, but looking back at the games, I cannot say I have gained nothing. :D


An intense battle (with mistakes by both of us :x)  He attacked, I defended, and by the time he ran out of steam, I had enough extra material for a comfortable endgame.


Nothing lasts in playing-chess-carelessly-land though, so I made sure to lose those 10 points right back with this game. 


I could have taken a one pawn advantage, but instead I went for inefficient traps without nearly sufficient pressure, and let him park his knight in a pesky spot, and then I figured getting his last bishop off the board would be worth a pawn loss, since I would still be a pawn up.  That's what I get for playing carelessly :P