Super Pseudo Sacrifice Plus \o/

Nov 1, 2010, 10:33 AM |

A pseudo sacrifice, according to wikipedia, is a sacrifice that "will soon regain the sacrificed material, or he may even gain more material than was originally sacrificed. A pseudo sacrifice of this latter type is sometimes known as a sham sacrifice, and will often lead to mate.[1]


I'm usually not a very risky player.  But there are two games that I've played (and won :D) recently that I'm proud of, because for pretty much the first time, I've been playing with sacrifices on the king side of my opponent. 


This attack, as you can see in the variations, could have been brought up from a loss for black to a draw.  However, black did not think hard enough and dropped the queen/game. 


The next game was a rematch against a person who I had lost to after dropping a crucial pawn in the opening. 


I don't really have a whole lot to say about this game, but I hope you enjoyed it.  :)


In both games though, I would like to point out that when I sacrificed material to make an attack at the kingside, my opponent was not yet fully developed (In both cases the queenside knight had not been moved.) and in the first game, the white square bishop had been shoved off to the queenside.  So in both cases, they didn't have quite enough pieces to refute the attack with the paths that they took.  Happy sacrificing!  :D