Some of my recent OTB games


I have played in a tournament and two matches over the last month. Here are the games from them:


South of England U16 Closed

Result: 4/5, 1st.


Round 1

Round 2
Round 3
 Round 4
Round 5
The other players 3/4 apart from my opponent both drew quickly, so a draw would be enough for clear first. Details (as I forgot to add them):
H.Girinath (2080) 1/2-1/2 G.Price (1938)
A couple of matches I played:
Reading 2-3 Godalming
I (on Board 1 as two of our players couldn't make it) was the first to finish. Not long after our Board 2 also won, but our Board 4 was losing and our Board 3 was in time trouble. Board 5 should have been a win for us, but he couldn't escape the perpetual and agreed a draw in a won position (to be fair, it was quite difficult). Fortunately our Board 3 somehow contrived to make his opponent agree a draw when his opponent had 10mins against 3 in an only slightly worse position, so we won 3-2.
Middlesex U180 7-9 Surrey U180 (ECF grading boundaries)
Surrey won the match 9-7, which wasn't enough to win the league but got us 2nd out of 4, which I believe means that we're through to the next round.