Study Plan, Goal List

Study Plan, Goal List

Jun 10, 2009, 6:59 AM |

They say that in any endeavor, you cannot get anywhere without goals, both short and long term, and a plan to reach said goals. They say it helps to put those goals and plans in writing, so I thought I'd do that here. I figure each year when I renew my USCF membership, I will look at my short term goals, set new ones, and re-evaluate my study plans. To that end, here is the first annual installment.

Short Term Goal

I will achieve a USCF OTB rating of 1500 by April 30, 2010. I am currently rated 1142.

Plans To Achieve Short Term Goal

I will do the following daily, at a minimum.

1. Do at least 25 tactics puzzles on tactics trainer

2. Play through at least one game from my opening books for the three openings I am using. (The English, The Dutch Stonewall, The Hyperaccelerated Dragon)

I will do the following weekly, at a minimum.

1. Carefully read and work through the chapters of Silman's Complete Endgame Course appropriate for my level. These will be done over and over again until I feel that I have mastered them, then I will move on.

2. Carefully analyze one of my OTB tournament games, or serious game played at chess club.

All this will be in addition to my activities and games here on

Long Term Goal

I will achieve a USCF OTB rating of 2000 (Expert). The target date for this goal will be my 35th birthday, in January 2015.