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Brag: Potential Grischuk number of 2!

Brag: Potential Grischuk number of 2!

Aug 10, 2013, 3:36 PM 0

You're probably familiar with the concept of Bacon Number. If someone has acted in a film with Kevin  Bacon, they have a Bacon number of 1. If they have co-starred with someone with a number of 1, they have a number of 2, and so on. The same concept has been applied to mathematics (Erdos number) and chess (Kasparov number). At the moment, my Kasparov number goes through a complicated route involving a member of the Welsh women's Olympic team, but excitingly this could be about to change!

In round 1 of the upcoming Fide World Cup, IM Igor Bjelobrk will play against Alexander Grischuk. Now my brag is that I have (probably) beaten Bjelobrk in a blitz game in 1997 (admittedly this is before he got good). We also played a tournament game which ended in a draw. We also played a bunch of blitz games and I don't recall losing them all, although he was the stronger player. Now if only he could beat Grischuk (who has undoubtedly beaten Kasparov) I'd be set!

Even a draw would be OK. By the same twisted logic, that would put me on a par with GK, as Grischuk has undoubtedly drawn with him in the past. All I can say is: Good luck Igor!

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