Losing a won game

Jan 25, 2015, 11:11 AM |

In the following game, my opponent made a mistake in the opening after which I won his knight, but on reaching the middle game, my king was too exposed and my opponent had the initiative, which forced me to focus more on defending my king rather than attacking his.

The game is very instructive, because it has a lot of hidden tactics in it. Even though my king was exposed, the computer showed that I had an advantage, and I could have won it had I defended accurately. Here is the game:

Here are some tactics from the above game (Both of us missed a lot of them.)

I played 6. d5 in the game, black could have saved the knight, can you find how?
The position below was one of the most confusing position in the game, I had 3 options and I chose the wrong one (but that was not the end, I still had an advantage after the mistake due to the material difference).
20. Bxd5 was a mistake. Here are a few ways to respond to 20. Bxd5.
My opponent did not take advantage of the above mistake and responded with 21... Ba4 which gave me another chance to save the game.
24. Kb2 was unnecessary, I should have moved the rook instead.
Finally, I made another blunder by playing 25. Rac1
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