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Nov 22, 2013, 10:27 PM 1

Have you ever wondered why tragedies happen or why emotions take over your body. My emotions contain my life but I know one day I will break free and be able to understand why everything bad happens randomly or how do certain things turn out like they are now? Why are people judged why do people make these decisions why are traitors across the world why do bad things happen these questions buzz through my mind why do we die how did we prove many things we can't see are real how do scientist work out things so quickly why are so many people homeless why do people act cruel why were judge mental people born these questions will soon grasp the attention of some one these questions don't change the fact that Lots of the answers can be proven. Many things may be in our head but are they truly there can we remember easily can thinking be easier what can change and what can't what are words how do we know the first blood pumping organisms on earth were humans? Why questions.... Do any of you see what I mean.

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