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what do you call it?

Feb 1, 2014, 12:48 PM 1

i think of life as a present given to us. i am not happy though. so many questions so many thoughts untold so many people dieing so many tragedies who did all of this? are we truly humans? chess is a thought game relaxation resort puzzle many things but who made the internet to allow to people... the internet doesnt just bring happiness it also brings great grief. what do you call life? i call it a maze, choose the right path and you have a great  future choose the wrong path have grief...bad things happen good things happen. what is your path? i love music chess robotics art videogames and technology. my friends think ive changed to a softy girl who has no emotion. i barely see what alot of things mean. this is a long thought of mine. our paths are chosen by fate and our decisions. this thing called life is merely a way to live and a way to see what we mean.if you made it to the end you read alot! :)

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