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Jan 12, 2014, 9:53 PM 2

I've been scared and worried about one thing in my life and it won't stop bothering me... I try to admit it but I'm too scared...ever since I lost my friend my life has changed forever! I've been depressed and quiet. That moment when she said were no longer friends my life changed completely! I see her everyday and that day I hurt her will be The day that will stay in my mind forever! I haven't even admitted I'm scared of her or I haven't even had been scared or cried in front of my friends. I made an oath to myself since the day I lost Itzel. That oath was if I lose another friend I will just stop having friends. I planned to be good and less.....violent. I don't even remember a time I had sad emotion in front of my friends. I hide it. From Leilani from melody from Carolina Michele savanah genesis Angela even my teachers! Even the ones I can trust!!! I've never said that to anyone... I see her and hope my life will be better soon.

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