My 2017 MSCA State Scholastic Championship (K-12) Adventure!

My 2017 MSCA State Scholastic Championship (K-12) Adventure!

Mar 27, 2017, 9:51 AM |

Welcome to a log of my experience in my first ever state tournament! My name is Jakob Michelizzi and i'm a Junior playing for Eden Prairie High School. I'm unrated but if you look me up in the USCF database it shows that I have a provisional rating of 1334 from 3 games at the Chess Castle. Let's get into it!


Round 1: 1/2 Point Bye


Round 2: Game: 60 Delay: 5

My coach pointed out that after Qa5 h5 I could win with g4 at almost any point. I blundered with Ra3 because if he takes my knight he can take my queen after I take his.


Brace yourself for this next one it's ugly.


Round 3: Game: 60 Delay: 5

Definitely my worst game in the tournament. I made a horrible draw at the end I should have played on but my nerves got to me. Taking the draw was just as big a blunder as the piece. Also I'm just guessing hes 1000 because he asked me if I was above 1000.


Moving on...


Round 4: Game: 90 Delay: 5


The time control has increased

In my opinion this wasn't that bad. I actually missed Qxb2 to be honest but i'm familiar with the Na4 pattern none the less. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Qxh2+. Who would have thought I wouldn't recognize a queen and Bishop battery. Getting lucky at the end however I have decent activity even if i'm just a pawn down.

Round 5: Game: 90 Delay: 5


Alright here's my game with a 1700. This was on board 12!

 It's almost like I beat him twice haha. I definitely gave him way to much just to simplify the position and then I dropped my G pawn. Anyway a win is a win.


Round 6: Game: 90 Delay: 5


Surprisingly my 6th game was actually against a much lower rated opponent.

Just as I escape hell my opponent blunders an entire piece.
 Who's this unrated kid in 6th?

Round 7: Game: 90 Delay: 5


Here I am at board two against Jackson Wahl. To my right Andrew Tang and Andrew Titus, both with perfect scores, are playing on board one.

I knew the trap he was going for so I baited him into. I forgot the moves after Rb1, however. I guess I can't be that mad but he gave me more than enough winning chances with such a dubious opening.