Beating a Chess Master

Beating a Chess Master

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This will be the first of several posts that I will publish with a commented game to try to convey my emotions and thoughts during an official game.

In most chess publications they recommend basic steps to follow in order to achieve an acceptable game. In chess it does not happen as it would happen with other activities in which one normally studies some concepts and a performance is already achieved because of the unacceptable.

Motivated by this, I thought it would be interesting for you to understand another way of understanding the rugged path that the understanding of chess represents.

First of all, I would like to dedicate you some advice that I would humbly love to share:

- Let's play games at no less than 15 minutes, this with the intention of having the possibility to apply ideas, plans and concepts and then be able to carry out a possible detailed analysis.

- Try to enrich yourself before players who in theory are stronger, try to interpret their intentions.

- Calculate at least two to three plays per player based on at least two logical variants. At first, these variants may not turn out as you expected or it may be difficult for you to do so, but this will bring you as a benefit that over time it becomes easier.

Having said that, let's place an analysis board of a game in which I had the opportunity to face a player who was more prestigious and more level than me.

This is a clear example that shows that a modest player in level but with discipline can put a great player in difficulties.
I hope in some way this helps you. Discipline, perseverance and dedication is what can lead us to find our way in any activity.
Currently I am not dedicated to playing chess tournaments in fact I have only played a few tournaments in my life for various occupations and I hope to convey to you dear readers that if you can get a quality game against any opponent.

Post dedicated to my coach the MF @FranklinAPalomo
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