Mikhail Tal's Account of Winning the World Championship

Mikhail Tal's Account of Winning the World Championship


"...I was terrified to notice that the intended defense (...) does "not quite" work in view of ... mate in one!" - Former World Champion Mikhail Tal (Tal-Botvinnik 1960, Game 16)

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Tal-Botvinnik is known to be one of the most interesting WC match books ever published. The winner (GM Mikhail Tal) annotates the games not only from the moves and analysis, but also the match psychology and tells firsthand what it was like to win a world championship match.

Here is game 6 as annotated by Tal.

There are twenty other annotated games in this book, annotated in Tal's entertaining style.

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"Tal-Botvinnik 1960 is an extraordinary book that I read three times - as a club player, as a master, and as a top-10 GM. The first time I read the book, I felt that my understanding of chess had increased a lot. When reading the book for the second and third time, it felt as if I was reading the book for the first time - there was so much more for me to understand! Regardless of your playing strength, I can absolutely assure you that you will be better off having read the book." - GM Yasser Seirawan