I never actually think about going on a website that is all about chess and people who play chess (ya online games are evil but mighty nice), and even after joined the chess team in high school I wouldn't actually wanted to spent my free time on studying chess opening or things....I guess this website would help me a lot later on = )

Anyone ever saw a 4 players chess board?  I saw them in a mall about half year ago (btw the shop closed already = () and it looks really, really messed up if you actually gonna play with like you can actually start making deals with players so that you can achieve your own asking your enemy to stop attacking you and pick on someone on their own side..XD If anyone can found a computer verison of this board I will be thankful X10000

For those of you who are good at chess opening, can someone tell me how to go against queen's gambit in a safe way?  I never able to play Black well (or I actually never able to play chess well) and last time when I was playing a home game against a 4th chair kid with queen's gambit, I lost horribly and I couldn't stand it >"< I tried to get my uncle to help me by using queen's gambit on me and I will try to defend it, but I think is that my uncle is too good and I really didn't learn a lot form it lol.

Anyone likes computer chess?  I personally found that some computer are really smart at one point and really stupid on the other, but that's not where it bothers me the most, it is that the computer made a move like 5 seonds later while you have to sit for 20 minutes to think of a next move lol I feel more stupid than I use to be everytime it happens.  Sometime I was thinking that did anyone ever come up the idea to make a chess computer game that limited the players condition, such as the player must use some type of opening, must lost a queen and win the game, or something like that.  I played a chess computer game before (name? forgot = )) and you can actually buy items and use it to get rid of your enemy's pieces LOL that's like a "wow I suck to the point I need to hammer out your pawn so that I don't lose" 

Again, I am Freelancer131 and I feel so nice to found a website for chess players.