Mar 7, 2009, 6:57 AM |

Ok, this is the confession of a chess junkie.  I first began to explore the possibilities of at the suggestion of a friend from another site.  Trusting his advice, I checked it out and decided to move my activities over here.  All well and good.

Now the confession.  On the other site, I was a rabid tournament player with at least twelve active tournaments on the go at all times.  Sometimes with over sixty games or more at a time.  Then I came here and started several more games.  aaahhhhh!  So, what to do???  Self inforced re-hab.  I have stopped all my tournaments as best I can, am playing down what games are left there, (less than twenty now), withdrawn from the league, withdrawn from the team, and cancelled my membership there.  Once those last games are finished, I am gone.

More re-hab.  I found myself falling back into old habits here, but I am determined.  I hereby vow to restrict my games to those with friends and team games.  I will do my best to stay out of the tournaments.  The object is to get my total number of games down to less than twenty.  It is my hope that I can then improve my chess a bit this way.  More quality, less quantity. 

What prompted this sudden change in attitude?  Starting up my own team has given me new insight.  I will keep my numbers down and devote more time to the actual team and its members.  I shall strive to be the team leader I feel these ladies deserve.