Foul Play

Apr 3, 2009, 6:01 AM |

Once again I will address the issue of folks leaving my chess team.  Now, you certainly do have the right to leave a chess team any time you wish.  I do not dispute this at all.  What I want to address is a point of honor.  If you enter a team match, you agree to play in that match for that team.  Your game is important to the team, every game is important. 

If you refuse to finish any games underway, this will cost the team.  I left one team weeks ago, but I am still finishing one of the games I started while a member of that team.  I feel honor bound to support that team as I agreed to do when I entered that match.

Now, to the point (you knew I'd get there sooner or later).  A short time ago, Shakkara, Vampirella, and Dogwitch abruptly left our team.  Fair enough, they have that right.  BUT now they are allowing every team game to time out for a loss.  They had entered a lot of team matches for us and this act will cause us to lose a number of team matches that we otherwise might have won.  Aparently, they have done this to other teams as well.

The end result is this, we will go on to other matches.  This will all fall behind us, but for these three ladies.  This is bad form, foul play, and seriously bad Karma.  You claim to be Wiccans ladies, then I remind you of the rule of three, also known as Karma.

So, if you are an admin for a team, watch out for these three.