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Headhunters continued

Headhunters continued

Feb 14, 2009, 8:57 AM 1

Hi folks, thanks for all the comments.  Sorry, but no matter how the math works, the truth is these people keep on climbing.

Ok, definition of a headhunter: A player who is unknown to you and of greater rating by more than three hundred points.  Friends don't count. 

Now, for all the guys who might get indignant, if you have a high rating, but still want to player a certain player, do them the courtesy of offering a non-rated game.  Give the lower rated player the option.

I play chess on another site and a woman there with a 1000 rating just knocked off a 2000+ player.  Way to go sister.

So, here's the deal; for now we'll be on the honor system.  Beat a headhunter and get a VT (Valkyrie Trophy) point.  You will also get the admiration of the rest of us.  Go get 'em girls.

I just lost to a 2000+ rating and it looks as though the 1800+ is going to do me in as well.  sigh  as well, it isn't over yet.

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