Here comes June

Jun 1, 2009, 3:23 AM |

Ok, here it is, June.  May has gone, lost now in the mists of time.  May was not such a bad month at all though, for it brought me many firsts in my chess career.  My longest ever winning streak, and my highest rating on were two of the notables of May.  Not a bad way to finish off the month, but it leaves poor June with a hard act to follow.

May also saw my worst chess blunders in a very long time.  It is often my habit to prepare dinner, then after dinner, doze in front of the TV news before cleaning up in the kitchen.  One evening in May, some demon of mischief put the darned computer in my lap as I was dozing.  The next day I awaken to find that I had hung my queen not once, nor twice, but three times.  I donated a rook to my opponent's cause twice and several positional deviations appeared to boggle my poor mind. 

From now on I'm turning off the danged computer before I turn on the news. No, that's not a new year's resolution, it is a prayer for sanity from a chess addict.  'Nuff said.