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More on Team

Feb 27, 2009, 3:38 AM 3

Ok, it is done, the team has been created.  I have called it Eowyn's Guard.  Eowyn was the strongest female figure in the Lord of the Ring movies.  It was she who fought and defeated the leader of the evil Nazgul.  It was she who slew his dragon steed and then destroyed him as well.  Poor Eowyn had to go into the battle alone and hidden.  I believe she should have had a personal guard to go with her.  Thus the name.

Oh don't look so surprised, you already knew I live in a fantasy world.

I have received a fair bit of information and advice, but alas, no volunteers.  At least, not yet.  Ladies, surely the heart of a warrior beats within you all.  Come, lock shields with me, and together we will sally forth.  As king Theodin said, "No, we cannot defeat them all, but we shall meet them on the field of battle none the less."

Unlike others, my goal is not to make this the most winning team in chess, it is to make this the most fun team in chess.  I will continue to participate in Global Women's activities, for I have met many wonderful women there.  However, I resent having to take every idea to the all powerful Great Father for approval and permission to continue.  I prefer to make my own mistakes and I am willing to accept that and live with the consequences thereof.  It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

I promise I do not like a dictatorship, I prefer rule by consensus.  The problem with majority rules is that the needs of the minority often go unaddressed.  Eowyn's Guard will not be my team, it will be our team.  Your input will be heard and considered.

The challenges are already waiting.  Some of these I know I can trust and some I am sure I cannot.  Come ladies, the world awaits.  The party doesn't start until we arrive.

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