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My Name

Feb 11, 2009, 3:54 PM 3

Ok, many folks have asked about the name Freydisdottir, so here is the story.

In the years leading up to the year 1000AD, the Norse people of Greenland established a colony on the northern tip of Newfoundland; the first european settlement in North America. 

Among the settlers was the daughter of Erik the Red.  Her name was Freydis Eriksdottir.  After a few years a dispute began with the natives of the area.  One day the natives attacked from the sea.  They were too many and the norse men began to flee into the hills.

Freydis was very pregnant and was unable to keep up.  Knowing she could not escape, she turned to fight, determined to protect the new life within her.  As the daughter of as berserker, Freydis gave herself over to the battle rage.  |She siezed up a broken sword, tore the bodice from her gown, and slapped the blade against her breasts, screaming her challenge.  with a mad fury she threw herself at the enemy, lashing out with the broken sword.

Startled by this sudden turn of events, the natives began to fall back from the mad woman who attacked them.  As they backed away the men returned and the enemy was driven away.  Freydis had saved, not only her own life and that of her unborn child, but the whole colony as well.

As a descendant (I believe) of the Greenlanders, I chose the mane to honor Freydis Eriksdottir.

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