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Mar 12, 2009, 4:41 AM 2

Ever have one of those days?  Had one that lasted all week?  Well, there you go.  Last week my darling was home, our realtor called wanting to show the house so we spent two days getting it properly staged, two more days of negotiating the sale, and trying to fight off a virus, but did I make only necessary chess moves pushing the time limits to their max?  Of course not.  I played as much chess as I could, flicking up the boards to make a quick move then on the run again.  The end result?  You already know what the result is.  I can now watch my rating fall faster than a polititian's after a tax hike.  I call up a board now and the first think out of my mouth is "What the hell was I thinking?"

So, what to do?  As Gandalf might say, "All you can do is do what you must." or is that Yoda?  Ah well, let the salvage operation begin.  The bright side is there is nowhere to go but up.

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