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Rude chess players

Rude chess players

Feb 16, 2009, 8:25 AM 7

I will concede that someone might want to play me just because I am female.  Fair enough.  I have met a few wonderful men that way, but I also have met a few who give me the creeps.  Here follows a quote from a player on another site.

"I can defeat you easily woman.  Once you have been himiliated, you will show me all the pictures of your naked self."

Ok, did I report him?  nope.  Was I amused?  A little.  Did I play him?  Yes, but it wasn't that easy.  I wrote him a private message saying that I only play in tournaments.  I suggested he enter a new tourney that I had just entered.  Eleven players, two games each.  He went for it.  It was weeks before our games started and, delight of delights, I beat him twice.  So did most everybody else.

Ok, I should have reported him, I know.  He was not the only one on line though.  I had a similar experience with a headhunter on this site.  I wasn't as lucky in chess this time, but he is still unlucky.

Besides that, I'm a 59 year old grandmother, believe me boys, you really don't want to see me naked.  Heck, I don't even want to see me naked.

Anybody else encounter any of this sort of thing?  Surely.

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