Stolen Moments of Chess

Jun 8, 2009, 4:38 AM |

It is a time of madness now.  The days are longer, warmer, and filled with so many things to do.  No longer am I languishing alone in the cold darkness of a rural Newfoundland winter.  Now I am in the thick of an urban summer.  There are family gatherings, barbecues, shopping, oh the shopping, and of course, the job hunting.  Ok, so I really don't have to work, but I want to.  I love meeting new people so I am on the hunt for a job that will give me lots of that.

So, what about chess?  When to I get to indulge my passion for chess?  Each time I sit to the computer the phone rings, the dogs whine to get out, somebody comes to the door..... 

It can make you a bit twichy, but I have found a way to cope.  I leave the computer on all the time, and sneak in a move here and there.  It doesn't give me any time for analysis or a lot of deep thought, but it can make for some pretty unique positions.  So, if you are playing me, and it seems like I am on line but avoiding you, not true.  In reality I am lost to the realm of chess, but, in the words of Arnold, I'll be back.

So, until I get another break, P-Kt  have at you