Team Chess Rant

Jul 5, 2009, 4:55 AM |

Ok, it is rant time.  I play a lot of team chess.  I am also captain of a chess team, Eowyn's Guard.  I like the title of team captain much better than the pompous sounding Super administrator.  sheesh.  Anyway, that's not the point, nor is it the issue.

The focus of the rant is teams that have dozens of admins, or worse yet, everybody is an admin.  Good gravy, that is such a pile of horse hockey.  How the hell do you expect your team to succeed if everybody is in command.  one will issue a challenge, another will delete a fellow player be accident, messages get deleted, etc. etc. etc. Cripes!  We are playing a team now that, thanks to one of the numerous admins, is hopelessly out matched.  Somebody locked in the team long before it was ready.

So, why do I care, since we will easily win the match?  Here's why.  I founded Eowyn's Guard as a women's team.  The idea was to show women that, given a level playing field, we can hold our own with them.  I set up the matches so, hopefully, the player's ratings are evenly matched, or as close as I can get.  A match where one team is way over matched is a waste of time for both teams, and it proves exactly nothing when you win it.

Eowyn's Guard as one super admin, me.  There is one admin, Caymangirl.  We lead as a team.  I set up the matches, she is player coach.  We stay in contact with the team members, and consult often about the direction we take the team.  Result?  Eowyn's Guard is the most active and successful women's team on

Look at the top teams and you will not find a single one that is top heavy with admins.  Why?  It doesn't bloody well work, that's why.  For a team to be successful it has to have hundreds of players, or it has to have strong leadership. A case in point, a team that has grown and succeeded by the force and wisdom of the leadership is Team British Columbia.

So, the point?  For the love of mercy people, put someone in charge who can make things work properly.  Most of the players in the Guard have increased their rating since joining the team.  Why?  Because they have a level playing field, this builds confidence, this leads to .....  no need to go there.  Just make my life easier, please put someone in charge who can direct a team properly.

There now, I feel better, thank you for listening, you've been a great audience.