Winding down the games

Mar 15, 2009, 3:51 AM |

Ok, we've reached a milestone in my attempt to lower the number of games being played.  I have now managed to get the number of games on that other site down to twelve. It was over forty when I first wrote on this subject.  Another month should thin them out considerably. Twenty one games here.  There are a number of losing propositions there and I should just resign them, but... never know, I might still...  There are a number of tournament games there, but I have managed to refrain from entering any more, so that should thin out as well.

Long range plan? Lots of team chess playing for Eowyn's Guard and more time devoted to the duties that naturally fall to the Captain of the Guard.  More work than I thought, nope, I had no illusions there.  Regrets? Nope, having way too much fun.  Getting it all right?  sure....yeah...course...why?...what did you hear???.. hey..