Double Queen sacrifice !

A Queen sac is always lovely... But what about a double queen sac ?

Here is the game played yesterday (!) on OTB tournament between me (2000) and Kevin alliot (1797) from France.


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    That`s why we like the game!!!  Even if I were black I would enjoy it !

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    The end is really nice

  • 2 years ago

    IM Satea_Husari

    Nice game Marc , I checked it now , I really like it .

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    FM Nemo_Nobody



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    NM oddodddodo

    Congratulations! I think that a double queen sac is one of the rarest of all events on the chessboard. I gave a lecture about them at where I called it the "Henry VIII motif" (because he sacrificed a few queens). I gave three examples: Charousek-Wollner 1893, a very famous one; Monokroussos-Barcarola 1999 (which sets a record of 48 moves between queen sacrifices, but the second one merely forces a stalemate); and Kramnik-Leko 2007, which I think is the prettiest one because it came in an endgame that would otherwise have been a draw. Your game most closely resembles Charousek-Wollner.

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    Comme dirait Jeannot " très esthétique la combinaison"

  • 4 years ago


    Il y a eu Tall... il y aura Marc'Andria.... Bravo !!!

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    so fieru di u mo figliolu... je comprends mieux pourquoi je perds contre lui !

  • 4 years ago

    IM mat_kolosowski

    As I said - a pure masterpiece!

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