Learning Chess is Always Fun for the Young One

Jul 2, 2015, 5:37 PM |

for over a week now, i'm teaching my 6 year old son on how to play chess.  and day to day i look for things to make learning chess for him as fun as possible!


one key is to make it a BONDING EXPERIENCE WITH THE FAMILY..

here's my young learner playing with his mom:

 here's me with my son learning chess, bonding experience with him is fun!


another key factor is looking for CHESS LEARNING APPS that are fun! so far the most fun for kids apps i found are PureChess, DinoChess and Chess.com


PURE CHESS, because of the 3D experience, my son loves it! strong graphics for this app!





it's the best chess experience in the world


Coach Jay's Chess Academy ( iOS )


and of course how else to keep kids active - EAT HEALTHY BEFORE & AFTER EACH CHESS GAME!!!

full app purchased Coach Jay's Chess Academy : learning chess is fun thru the reward system and kid will learn alot 

because it involves reading: