9 Reasons why chess.com is better than Facebook

Jan 15, 2013, 12:29 PM |

9 Reasons why chess.com is better than Facebook


#1 You can directly contact chess.com by email ticket.

(Facebook does not have email tickets)

#2 Chess.com has Public chatrooms.                                   

(Facebook does not have Public chatrooms.)


#3 On Chess.com Members can not automatically add you to groups. You Must accept group invite to join groups.                            

(Facebook allows friends to automatically add you to groups)


#4 On Chess.com if you block your group admins they still can see you.                                                                                               

(On Facebook you can block admins and they can not see your posts.)


#5 Chess.com allows it in blogs and chess news messages.    

(Facebook does not allow you do do Any HTML coding in posting.)


#6 Chess.com staff is actively in forums,groups and chatrooms.

(Facebook staff do not make theirselves noticeable.)


#7 Chess.com's President/owner does not charge people if they want to want to him.

(Facebook does)


#8 Chess.com forums numbers the comments made in the forums.

(Facebook's forum is more like commenting to someone's profile update)

#9 Chess.com has Super admins and admins for its groups.

(Facebook just has admins.)