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Nov 26, 2007, 8:53 AM 1


 Now there's a game of kings.

Did you know that I know how to play chess, but I have no idea how to play checkers? I just never got into it. I started playing chess when I was in middle school against my sister, but she would always beat me. I have no strategy, only pawn killing. I after a couple games I just gave up and the chess board remained in the closet of my Dad's house ever since. It wasn't until a month ago that I got back into chess while on lunch at Wal*Mart. Certain games will erupt in the break room such as Cribbage and the infamous Danish Bastard card game; A Brewer  Super Wal*Mart original. Chess slowly but surely made its way into the heads of tired and overworked Wal*Mart employees as they enjoy chunks and wedges from the deli, or a turkey sandwich on wheat they brought from home. When I started playing again I was a little confused on how the outcome would turn out. After a bu rage of loses, I some how got a clue and started winning matches, there are a few people who have their shit together when they play, but every once in a while, I will come through victorious; in fact at one time I have a 5 game winning streak, which sadly was followed by a brief losing streak. 

 I am still somewhat of a beginner at chess, but I'm working at getting more strategies. In fact, with a few of my friends, I know exactly what to do to throw off their game so that I can get checkmate.


 That's my chess story and I promise you wont be hearing anything about it ever again.   


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