How I beat my arch rival in all time

May 3, 2014, 9:08 AM |

GM Funky Money: Hello, students.

Lucian and Zelda: Good morning professer.

GM Funky Money: Today I will show you how i beat my biggest rival of all time. Why don't we start with Magnus Carlson. After Carlson beat Caurana in the Ganonshav Memorial, I asked if Carlson would agree to a match for fun. Out of the opening, i had a serious positional advantige and I used that win. Let's see if you can think like GM's and find the winning move.

Try to solve Puzzle 1 first!
Lucian and Zelda pondered over the puzzle a few minutes, but they soon found the answer. The proffesser looked at their work and smiled. "Good job!" he said. That is how I beat my rival Carlson!
Answer to Puzzle 1
Solve up top.
GM Funky Money: I will see you tomarrow students!
Lucian and Zelda: Bye Professor!