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Playing computer in live chess

May 19, 2010, 11:07 AM 2

I am just wondering if the staff can answer this question or resolve this if it is a problem.  When playing live chess, the time settings that are shown as 2 12 usually equates to the players gaining bonus time after making a move on the board, the "better" the move, the more time gained.  I have noticed several times in the challenges that are set up for playing the computer in live chess, when playing the computer, my time never adds additional seconds during the match, but the computer's time steadily increases the entire game.  I usually lose the matches because I run out of time.  Isn't this a problem?  I believe it should be resolved by either allowing the live person to gain their time accordingly, or the computer should not gain any time, or it could just be a 2 minute match without any bonus time added.

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