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Disentangling a Closed Position

Disentangling a Closed Position

Oct 29, 2014, 9:57 AM 0

This game was in the Modern Defense. I (playing White) had more pawn influence and space in the center. Black was in turn playing to undermine it without occupying it, with the idea to later blow up the position to get sharp attacking options as in other hypermodern defenses. After the opening the center was blocked and the game was slow-paced (although my opponent and I had castled in opposite directions). We both made some inaccurate moves, but the play was equal and we were both following our plans. I made a decisive oversight by losing an important pawn, and my position rapidly collapsed - my opponent got a strong initiative, started his attack, and I resigned a few moves later. This game is an interesting example of how charged closed positions are, and how important it is to play them accurately, as a mistake can reshape the position very quickly without one being able to defend in time.

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