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King's Indian Draw

King's Indian Draw

Oct 9, 2014, 7:35 AM 1

My opponent, playing White, started with the English Opening. Later the game transposed into the King's Indian Defense. Although this opening could offer tactical possibilities, the play we chose was relatively slow-paced and defensive from both sides, with usage of prophylactic moves, attempts not to create significant weaknesses and avoidance of sharp lines. Nevertheless there were a lot of positions which required accurate analysis, and plenty of opportunities to hang ourselves if not being careful. Both I and my opponent made some inaccurate moves as the game progressed, but none of those was crucial for the outcome. The post-game analysis shows that White could have taken an advantage due to my error in the late middlegame, but neither I nor my opponent noticed that during the game as time was running low. White didn't find a way to materialize the advantage, and also misplayed. After 38 moves we agreed to a draw in view of perpetual check. Here's the game:

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