GOTD #2- Learn to handle complex positions

GOTD #2- Learn to handle complex positions

GM TheCount
Jun 9, 2015, 11:52 AM |

The second instasllment of the "Game Of The Day" series is a comlex battle between two elite GMs: So Wesley (USA) Vs. Fedorchuk Sergey (UKR). Wesley immediately sets a fast and aggresive pace and grabs space on both flanks, while Fedorchuk calmly sets up his defensive mechanism. The game enters uncharted territory very early in the game, Wesley maintains the initiative in the early stages of the game but soon finds himself facing difficult decisions...will he find his killer instinct and use the initiative to finish his opponent, or will he let it slip and allow black to come back into the game?

Themes and concepts to learn from this video:

1. Playing with short term initiative, this type of volatile initiative can dissipate in one move if the strongest continuation is not found (see my first blog post for long term initiative example).

2. Space advantage is probably the most important strategic advantage in practical play, nevertheless overextension is always a danger to worry about.

3. When faced with an attack on both sides, keep calm and try to create points of attack in your opponent's camp. Defend patiently and when faced with the opportunity seize the initiative and use the points of attack to activate your pieces with tempo.


GM Chirila