Master the long term initiative

GM TheCount
Jun 4, 2015, 1:40 PM |

Hello there!

Growing up I was lucky enough to get all the training necessary in order to maximize my potential and achieve my GM title before my 18th birthday. Besides the specialized training I also had to work my ass off but without all the people helping me, my reach would have been severely hindered. For that reason I want you to get the same opportunities to achieve and surpass your great potential.

This is exactly what my new video series, Game Of The Day, is aimed at. I will provide deep analysis of one of the games played in the day of the analysis. The first installment of this new series is a game between GM Naiditsch and GM Sokolov. This is one of the best games played so far in the French Top 12, and is a spectacular example of how to play with the long term initiative.

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