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Change Ahead!

Change Ahead!

May 26, 2016, 12:31 AM 13

When I was younger, I hated reading chess books. I thought it was boring reading notation like e4 e5...  But something changed me totally.


I saw people out there reading chess books so much I started wondering "Maybe there's more...". So I asked my classmate. He told me to read this chess book. 

So I started reading. And I really read! I read from the first page to the very end, and at the end I suddenly realized "maybe chess books weren't so boring after all!". And there you have it. A story that really pushed me from the state I was long ago, until now. 


I hope that all the chess.com members out there who maybe didn't like chess books so much, learn from this. If you really want to master chess, read deeper than just notation, and you will realize the beauty of chess.

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