FIDE Candidates Tournament 2016 - Round 5

FIDE Candidates Tournament 2016 - Round 5

Mar 16, 2016, 8:53 PM |

The 5th round of the FIDE World Candidates Tournament 2016 was held today at the DI Telegraph in Moscow, Russia.

Viswanathan Anand faced another Berlin Ruy-Lopez, but this time the black player - Hikaru Nakamura - decided to quickly trade the knights on d4. Soon arose a structure that resembled Ruy Lopez Anti-Marshall, with a-file open and black having doubled e-pawns. Anand was taken by surprise as Nakamura quickly advanced his d-pawn. White couldn't find anything better than to force a perpetual check.

Fabiano Caruana defended with Benoni but Levon Aronian was not impressed - in fact he said "give me Benoni any day you like". White built up for the typical pawn sacrifice in the center, e4-e5 followed by f4-f5 instead of recapture. Black was accurate in handling the defence and white had to throw in more material in order to have something going. Finally, Caruana decided it is too risky to allow white bishop coming to f6 and therefore repeated the moves.

Peter Svidler employed his favourite Gruenfeld Indian defence and Anish Giri countered with the fianchetto variation. It appeared as white obtained some positional pressure but black was able to challenge the center with e5 and rearrange the pieces. The players repeated the moves in the equal position.

Sergey Karjakin played his third game in the same line of the Queens-Indian defence. Veselin Topalov, with white pieces, made a mysterious 11.Rb1, but its purpose was revealed later as the rook operated on the second rank. Karjakin responded in principled manner, striking in the center and creating the hanging pawns. However, it looked as white had some pressure and perhaps Topalov missed a better continuation. After achieving equality, Karjakin tried to gain more by complicating the position with 21...g5. Both players continued to make good moves and the game was drawn shortly after the first time control.

After five rounds of play Karjakin remains on the top with 3,5 points, followed by Aronian who is half a point behind. Svidler, Giri, Anand and Caruana are on 2,5 points each. Nakamura is 7th with 2 points and Topalov has 1,5.

Round 6 games are on schedule for 17th March at 15:00 Moscow time: Topalov-Giri, Anand-Svidler, Aronian-Nakamura and Caruana-Karjakin.

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