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The Chess Philosopher, Part 1

The Chess Philosopher, Part 1

Mar 8, 2016, 11:08 PM 0

The second world champion, Emanuel Lasker, is known as the most philosophical of great chess players. In fact, he was such a philosophical chess player, that he stayed world champion for 27 years!


Lasker wasn't an expert on opening theory, and he often got a bad position early in the game. But as the game became more and more complicated, Lasker started to play better and better! Most players had trouble playing against him, because he always thought from his opponent's point of view, and chose the move which would bother them the most.

The game we are going to see today was from Lasker's first tournament after he became amaster. We will see how important the pawns protecting the king are! Because for each of the pawns, Lasker sacrifices one bishop...

The opening was a rare one - "Bird's Opening"!

Even though it wasn't really named after a bird, but rather after a chess player named Henry Bird who played that move alot. Tongue out

Lasker brought out his bishops and put them on diagonals next to each other, aimed at Black's kingside. He then sent his knight on c3 off on a journey. What was the knight sent to do? And how is Lasker going to use his bishops to start an attack on Black's kingside?

Find out......

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