How to become a defending champion in chess?

How to become a defending champion in chess?

GM GM_Igor_Smirnov
Dec 18, 2016, 10:33 PM |

Nowadays, many chess players face huge problems when it comes to defending the position when the opponent is attacking.

Defending in Chess

While contemplating about this topic, we’re faced with the following questions:


  • How to create a solid repertoire against an attacking player?
  • When to defend and when to ignore opponent’s attack/idea?
  • Do you always have something ‘better’ not to resign?
  • How to stop losing initiative/material?
  • How to make counter-attack (instead of just defense)?
  • and the list goes on..


But the main question is “How to make a perfect defense or fortress?” – like the one we’ve seen in the recent World Championship match where Karjakin showed off his extraordinary defensive skills. :)


All your questions and doubts will be cleared in the upcoming course. Meanwhile, we’d like to offer you a small preview of the course to help you be prepared for the course. :) You can watch the video below: