A miniature in the Morra gambit

A miniature in the Morra gambit

CM GaborHorvath

In this post I would like share with you a nice attacking game which I played recently in the Morra gambit.

Although the Morra is not my main weapon against the Sicilian, I teach it to my young students, so I have to play it from time to time to know it better, and to show that I am also willing to walk the talk.

I am especially keen to test the Morra nowadays, as I recently bought the book “Mayhem in the Morra” from Marc Esserman. I was really interested to see how Esserman deals with the critical variations, and I have to say that he does an excellent job, because all his improvements look quite convincing. It is nice that someone puts all this effort in saving an endangered opening like the Morra - in my opinion, it is one of the most entertaining openings and it would be sad to see it dying out. 

But enough talk, let's see the game!

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