My first online student's progress

My first online student's progress

CM GaborHorvath

I just checked recently the old tournament games of my very first online student, and wanted to share some of them with you. 

My student is a ten years old little girl from England. I started to give her face to face lessons two years ago when I lived in her hometown, but as I moved back to Belfast, we had to switch for online lessons. (And that’s how I started online coaching, by the way  – but this is another story.)

Here is her first game I have saved in my database. It was played in August, 2017. As you can see, she already knew what to do in the opening (developing pieces, control the centre, castling, etc.), but otherwise she played pretty badly, almost randomly: 

And this is already a nice attacking game from March, 2018. At this time she still rarely managed to play at this level, so this game is rather the exception than the rule:

A really impressive game from July, 2018. To be honest, I am not really sure that I can play much stronger myself.

And another good one from May, 2019:

These were all games from children’s tournaments so far. At the and of 2018 she took the leap and started to play in adult chess tournaments. Of course, it was a quite intimidating experience first, but after a while she started to win games against adults:

And a game fragment against another grown-up. She played the opening horribly, got a lost position, but then managed to bounce back beautifully:

So, that's where we are after two years of working together. My student recently started to play for the England team, participates in adult tournaments, and - most importantly - came to terms with the idea that doing her homework regularly will make her much better.  All that means that there are hopefully even better games to come in the near future... 

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