My league games from 2022/2023

My league games from 2022/2023

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This blog was on hold for a while, as I had a lot of work with my students, the garden, the house - so something had to give way.

Well, at least I can post all my league games in one go, as the team championship has ended meanwhile. happy

Our team came second in the second division, and I became the second best scorer of the whole league (7,5 points out of 9), playing on the second board. Now the idea is to change all those "seconds" to "first": we want to win our division next year, I will be playing on the first board, and I will aim to be the best scorer of the league. (The latter feels pretty impossible, but there is no harm in trying, I guess.)

Here are the games. I have already posted the first one, but I will upload it again, to have them all in one place. 

Round 1

An important win against a Croatian FM. Overall, a good game. 

  • Opening play & preparation: Rubbish, as usual. I knew he plays this with White, but did not chose a setup during preparation, just made it up at the board. 
  • Middlegame play: meh A mixed bag, some good decisions with mistakes here and there. 11. ... a6? is an eyesore. 
  • Endgame play: All right. True, the endgame was not really challenging. 
  • Evaluation: All right, I was mostly in the ballpark. 
  • Calculation: It was fine, with some small mistakes. 

Round 2

A win against a 2000+ player. A decent game.

  • Opening play & preparation: I could play my preparation, and remembered the lines.
  • Middlegame play: meh I don't have much experience with the Catalan, and it shows. 
  • Endgame play:  
  • Evaluation: I overestimated my advantage after 20. d5, but otherwise it was quite all right. 
  • Calculation: A bit sloppy, not enough candidate moves, mostly playing my first ideas. 

Round 3

A win against a 2100+ player, who used to be over 2200. A good game, with some mistakes.

  • Opening play & preparation: My preparation worked like a charm, I got an advantage effortlessly with Black. 
  • Middlegame play: Impatient play here and there (17. ... g5?), but nothing horrible.
  • Endgame play:  
  • Evaluation:   
  • Calculation: Poor calculation between move 24-27.

Round 4

A win against a 2000+ player. One of my worst games from this season. Ugly coffeehouse chess, counting on the opponent's mistakes. 

  • Opening play & preparation: I did not remember opening theory, it was all too fresh from Marin's book. 
  • Middlegame play: I am not familiar with the Leningrad, and it shows. A lot of moves with the queenside knight, a coffeehouse style attack on the kingside. 
  • Endgame play: N/A 
  • Evaluation:  I did not fool myself, I was completely aware that I was worse after the opening.
  • Calculation:  

Round 5

A win against a 1900+ player. Probably my best game this year. 

  • Opening play & preparation: I remembered my stuff, although it wasn't a demanding line.
  • Middlegame play: Good decisions, quite typical Catalan play. 
  • Endgame play: N/A  
  • Evaluation:  
  • Calculation: Missing a few fine points, but overall good. 

Round 6

A loss against an FM, one of my childhood coaches, the highest rated player in our division. My second worst game of the season, and not because I lost, but because the way I lost. I had something like a spring fatigue, I was afraid of my opponent, and did not sleep well the night before. I have to figure out how to avoid such slumps in the future. Maybe a holiday in January? 

  • Opening play & preparation: I got what I prepared for, but... 
  • Middlegame play: ...I was completely unfamiliar with the middlegame, and it clearly shows. That is the high price to pay for the surprise effect. 15. ... Na6? is so unprincipled, it still hurts.  
  • Endgame play: Completely missed my chances, like 26. ... b5! or 42. ... Kf6!
  • Evaluation: I accepted too early that I was lost, when it wasn't the case.  
  • Calculation: I saw and calculated very little during the game, mostly just played by instinct. 

Round 7

A draw against a 2000+ player. My worst game this season, hands down. It is incredible I could mess up such an easy win. 

  • Opening play & preparation: Flawless, I remembered theory exactly.
  • Middlegame play: Rather sloppy, not looking for candidate moves. 
  • Endgame play: A complete disaster, impatient simplifications, then panicking.
  • Evaluation: At least that was fine.   
  • Calculation: Very little, I just played my first ideas. 

Round 8

A win against a 1900+ player. A decent game, with a few mistakes. Poor guy, finished the season with 0 out of 6 games.  

  • Opening play & preparation:
  • Middlegame play:   
  • Endgame play: Overall fine, except 23. ... Rb8? and 30. ... b6? 
  • Evaluation:   
  • Calculation: Not too bad overall.  

Round 9

A win against a talented 2000+ youngster, who trains seriously with a GM coach. A good game.

  • Opening play & preparation:  
  • Middlegame play: 12. dxc5?! is not the best, but the rest is fine. 
  • Endgame play:    
  • Evaluation:  
  • Calculation:    

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