My win against GM Luke McShane
GM Luke McShane simul in Belfast

My win against GM Luke McShane

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Last Thursday we had a prominent visitor in Belfast: GM Luke McShane (2663), who was on his way to the Bunratty Chess Tournament (which he won), gave us a simul. I got my ticket as part of my first prize in the Ulster Blitz Championship, and as I never played a 2600+ GM, I was really looking forward to it. To my surprize, I did manage to win. 

I tried out my new defence, the Queen's Gambit Accepted, and as usual, I got lost in the opening again, entering the wrong line. I played more or less typical QGA moves, but the whole thing did not seem quite right - luckily, the position was complicated enough and my opponent missed a rather simple tactic.   

Here is the game: 

GM McShane is really a nice person. He was willing to chat with everybody, commenting on the games, giving advice. In case you are interested in more details, here is the coverage from the Ulster Chess Union website: