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A hard kick on my behind...

A hard kick on my behind...

Apr 9, 2010, 8:38 PM 1

Well, after a period without playing, I decided to come back. Last time I tried I was up to an almost 1700 rating. So I figured I would try and play stronger players. But then I started losing most of my games to <1200 players. That really got me depressed, Did I forget how to play? No, I just haven't been concentrated. So then I try Live-Chess... Whoa! They really kicked my butt! I just saw my rating going down everytime I played.

So that's it for a while. I'll try and finish my games, do some PC training, practice some strategy and learn a few openings. I wan't to be in shape. Maybe this year I'll try and get into a tournament, an OTB one that is.

Mmmmh... Just maybe.

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