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Meebo... SUCKS!

Meebo... SUCKS!

Apr 15, 2010, 8:44 PM 3

meebo sucks!If I want to chat, I'll use the chat function and chat with whoever I'm playing, but most players don't like to chat while playing, so we just don't.

Well, a while ago the site managers decided to include the meebo chatbar on the site. I was OK with it, but when the page loading time started taking forever... well, I didn't like it.

Ever since meebo was implemented, page load time has increased, and I get more error pages, because the meebo widget just won't load.

But fortunately, today I found the answer: deactivate it sitewide. It just doesn't show anywhere.

Now my pages are loading a whole lot faster.

So, for those who want to chat while playing chess (stupid), keep meebo, for for those who just want to play a nice game of chess, then the hell with it!

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