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Jul 23, 2009, 1:57 PM 4

I am an older person who happens to love this mind stimulating game that we play, to the extent that I am a member of many various favourite chess sites on the net, and I play in them all with some degree of success, and certainly a great degree of failure, but "Que Sera" as the song goes, "whatever will be, will be", I feel no anguish when I lose or excessive fervour when I win, so this got me thinking to a fun sort of way to play this game, which could appeal to those players like me whose lives dont revolve around winning at all costs any game they play, to try the unnatural, ie: set up the game as unrated, dont play the recognised book openings, play any ridiculous opening move as white, reply in the same context as black, see how the game transpires where the mind has to work and enjoy itself, if you win GREAT, if you lose GREAT, no transpositions are allowed just fun...its something that appeals to me for fun, meeting like minded less serious players like me, maybe a club could be formed and a forum for us created...just an idea, if anyone wants to contact me do so thru the site utility, but always remember its a fun thing no-one gains, no-one loses...regards Jacky (Gandalf1)

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