The Five Most Difficult Chess Puzzles Ever Made

The Five Most Difficult Chess Puzzles Ever Made

NM GargleBlaster
Sep 3, 2010, 11:14 AM |

Actually, this time the title of this blog entry is possibly accurate.  I made these problems simply to torment and confuse.  There is no chance you will solve them.  It's possible even your computer can't and if it tries it might explode.

Here they are.  You have been warned.

Actually, the first puzzle isn't SO bad.  At least until around move 20.  MUWHAHAHA.


OK, this second one is so weird I'm still not even sure if the final position is actually drawn, but I'm going to call it drawn anyhow because it probably would take more moves than there are atoms in the universe to actually win.


This one is so ridiculously complex that I'm thinking of just giving anyone who writes "42" full credit for solving it. (EDIT: THIS PROBLEM IS UNSOUND, SORRY, NEVERMIND)


This one makes the last level of Defender look like the first stage of Super Mario.



If you solve this last one, you are either a supercomputer or in need of fresh air.